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As a Social Worker, I believe in my membership in HPHA and in my veritable immersion into the realm of Public Health, which is not unlike that of Social Work.  It is about relationships and community and a quality of life that mirrors all that is best in our hopes, dreams, aspirations and desires.  I feel it is about life lived abundantly and with passion, compassion and care for others.  Hey, isn’t this what makes for a “best practice?”  Hau`oli T. (Maui)


The networking opportunities and the Eblasts are very tangible, practical benefits.  Claudio N.


One of the most beneficial aspects of being a member of HPHA has been the ability to find out about community activities and local updates that are relevant to public health. There are so many people and organizations that make up HPHA and having a central location for public health announcements and events where we can meet others with similar interests has been key to my involvement in the public health community.  Rebecca W.

With deepening budget cuts public health servants may be only a skeleton of workers to assure and protect the public’s health.  HPHA is an advocacy voice not only for members but on behalf of the community at large.  Noelani W.

I think that HPHA will benefit me in keeping me updated on the public health issues that are of concern in our community and what actions we can take as social workers to help to improve the situation.  HPHA will also help me as a social work student to become educated on health issues and provide me with opportunities to volunteer in areas that I can be of assistance or advocate for.  Yolanda D.


HPHA keeps me connected with other professionals in the public health field. The weekly Eblasts and monthly newsletter help keep me informed of activities and events throughout the islands.  Tonya L.


HPHA is a high-quality organization especially for networking. At the social mixers and annual meetings, I am always learning about new jobs, exciting programs, funded grants, and about what is happening across the state in public health.  HPHA members are fun and they always seem eager to spend time together. It is a group of individuals that are becoming more empowered as a group of liked-minded folks for improved well-being and social justice.  Valerie Y.


The HPHA membership and Eblasts helps me to get a quick glimpse of what is current and relevant in the health arena.  I rarely have time to read the news and get caught up with current events.  The Eblast and HPHA membership gives me the inside advantage and access to important information.  Jo-Ann B.


HPHA helps me stay on top of the public health issues important to the state and nation.  Hali R.


I love that HPHA gives us a platform and a voice to act as a strong and united public health community.  It brings together public health professionals and organizations that would not ordinarily collaborate.  Deborah Z.


It was exciting to see how our community partners appreciated HPHA’s involvement in safe and active transportation policy when we first become involved in 2007.  It shows how important it is for HPHA to be a strong voice for public health policy on critical issues impacting the health and safety of people in Hawaii.  Therese A.


I have benefited from membership in HPHA in innumerable ways.  First and foremost, it has been an organization which has connected me to the vibrant and positive public health community in Hawai'i, starting acquaintances and friendships too numerous to mention.  It has provided me the opportunity to become a leader, a starting place for positions in APHA and learning (and sometimes stumbling through) the intricacies of a non-profit.  Finally, HPHA has been a forum, a place to try new ideas and receive constructive criticism.  Kawika L.

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